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IBU Fund

International Burch University promotes the success. IBU grants the research projects done by the academic staff and Phd students. Beside the project proposals applied to different programs, academic staff at IBU can also apply for the internal call for proposals. IBU is providing fully funding opportunities for the projects selected among the most appropriate for a budget.

Application Procedure
Application Form
Flowchart of procedure

University research is a vital building block of the University’s prosperity, reputation and the country's research and development capacities. Along with producing new knowledge and the foundation for new products and processes, the International Burch University uses its research activities to educate students who will become the next generation's scientists and engineers, teachers, and leaders in government and industry. Due to the broad consensus that university research is a long-term investment in the future, our institution is prepared to provide the necessary support to its researchers.

In case that it is intented to include partners for the project, Project Proposal Draft is a document where the project can be briefly explained and sent to the partners. You can find attached the Project Proposal Draft below:

Project Proposal Draft

Project Office is in relevance for the academic staff and students to assist them in preparing an application, project proposal and every related stage.